A 4.5-Magnitude Earthquake Was Registered this Morning in Máncora


The authorities are still evaluating possible damages in the district after the 4.5-magnitude earthquake this morning in Máncora.

This morning at 8:45 am a 4.5-magnitude earthquake was registered in the Máncora district of the Piura region, alarming the population.

The quake’s epicenter was registered 17 kilometers East of Máncora at 15 kilometers deep, according to the Geophysical Institute of Peru (IGP), as they informed via their social media accounts.

Some of the districts that also felt the tremor were Órganos, Punta Sal, and Talara.

So far, the representatives of INDECI (National Institute of Civil Defense) are still monitoring the areas to know if there are any existing damages.

Last week a 6.8-magnitude earthquake was registered in Arequipa, leaving hundreds of people homeless, structural damages, and two deceased.

Quakes are common in Peru because the country is located in a seismic zone. The interface between the Nazca and the South American tectonic plates is located near the Peruvian coast.

According to the website Lima Easy, even the first Peruvian cultures had to cope with seismic activities. “Earthquake after earthquake, century after century it seems these ancient cultures learned how to keep their constructions and belongings safe. Many archaeologists, for example, believe that the special trapezoid character of the Inca architecture was one of the precautions against such natural destruction.”, they explain.

They also say that when the Spanish conquerors arrived in Peru, they weren’t prepared for earthquakes at all. This is why some of the first buildings they built in Lima, were severely damaged or destroyed entirely earthquake after earthquake.

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