A Marine Biologist’s Photographs Invites To Safeguard The Peruvian Seabed


The marine biologist Yuri Hooker shows us this collection of unpublished underwater photographs called “Mysteries of the deep”, a work that invites to safeguard the Peruvian seabed.

This scientist has done more than 50 publications and registered several new marine species in the country. However, he is worried about the indifference Peru has about life in the Grau sea, according to information from Andina News Agency.

“Peru is known for its biodiversity, but it is always projected to the Amazon, the mountains or beaches. The seabed and its endangered wildlife species are invisible. Even the State, since the mid-fifties, sees it as a space for the extraction of resources. They have educated us that we are an inexhaustible source that could feed the whole world”, he told the media.

With his more than 40 photographs, Hooker seeks for the visitors to his exposition to reflect on this topic. “We must worry about the seabed as we do with rivers or forests”, he invites, by suggesting a sustainable use of resources, as well as prioritizing marine conservation and national food. “We have to use the sea responsibly”, he adds.

While Brazil and Chile have more than 40% of their protected sea, and Ecuador more than 20%, Peru only has 0.4% protected sea, you can read in Andina.

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