A Pilot Denounces Keiko Fujimori And Joaquín Ramírez For Money Laundering


The pilot Jesús Vásquez ratified before the prosecutor specialized in money laundering, Wilson Salazar Requena, and prosecutor Corina Trujillo Peralta that Joaquín Ramírez, ex-congressman for Fuerza Popular, told him that he laundered $15 million US dollars in behalf of the then-presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori.

La República said that the pilot obtained this information in a private conversation that he recorded as he was collaborating with the DEA. This was known yesterday in a hearing that took place in the Peruvian consulate in Miami, USA.

“The pilot corroborated before the prosecutor the declarations he gave the press in May of 2016”, wrote the aforementioned newspaper. He also mentioned everything he has had to deal with from people sent, allegedly, by Ramírez.

This witness also declared that several investments and real estate purchases Ramírez and his family did in The United States should also be investigated.

(Source: La República)
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