Almost 1 Million Hectares Protected in the Peruvian Amazon


The Andes Amazon Fund has declared that in the last 20 years, the Amazon has been subjected to illegal felling and mining, affecting seriously the fauna and flora that live and grow in this region. This is why the Yaguas National Park has been created, to protect 868,927.84 hectares of jungle.

The Ministry of Environment in Peru, presided by Elsa Galarza Contreras, explains that this part of the Amazon contains a vast river system with one of the richest variety of fish and birds of the Peruvian jungle.

Yaguas National Park is located in the region of Loreto, in the provinces of Putumayo and Mariscal Ramón Castilla, near the Colombian border. It covers a territory of almost 1 million hectares.

Since Yaguas is several days away from human settlements, it is pretty much well preserved. Satellites don’t even detect any deforestation at all, very different from other sections of the Peruvian Amazon like Madre de Dios.

You can find in Yaguas more than 550 types of fish, which is seven times more than the largest national park. Only in the last decade 8 new fish species have been discovered, as well as 3 amphibians and one bird. This consists on a great input for science.

This park was created thanks to conservationist groups that pressured, unsuccessfully, Ex-President Ollanta Humala. Nevertheless, it is now a reality come true.

During the upcoming Pope Francis’s visit to Peru, he will make a stop near the Amazon jungle, specifically in Puerto Maldonado, a town near the river Madre de Dios. He is scheduled to arrive this Thursday to Lima and visit this town on Friday morning.

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