Andean Thriller ‘La Luz en el Cerro’ to Screen in Peru’s Theaters (VIDEO)


La Luz en el Cerro is a thriller/horror film from Caudal Films that draws on terrifying legends from the Andes.

“There are legends that should never wake up”

“Where the light shines more brightly, the shadow is much darker…”

“Waking up a dark secret”

These are the taglines that accompany the promotional photos on the official Facebook for a new Peruvian thriller called La Luz en el Cerro (“The Light on the Hill”).

The film, according to official summaries, begins with a death or murder, presumably in a town or city in the Andes. This incident awakens the “fear of the unknown” in the local inhabitants, which the trailer insinuates is the “coming to life” of old legends.

Now, I’ve recently been working on a series called Terrifying Legends of Peru, of which there are so far 8 installments. From the research I’ve done for this series, I saw at least 3 classic scary Peruvian folktale influences in the trailer alone.

Needless to say, I’m very excited for the film. It is set to screen in theaters here in Peru on October 26, less than a week before my favorite holiday of Halloween.

Keep an eye on the official facebook page for more updates and check out the trailer from Caudal Films on Youtube.



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