Arequipa Registered Yesterday A Temperature Of 0.2° C, The Lowest This Year


The city of Arequipa registered yesterday the lowest temperature so far in this year’s winter season: 0.2° C, reported the National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi).

“Since May 30, Arequipa city did not register such a severe temperature decrease, said Senamhi specialist, José Luis Ticona, who recalled that on that occasion it reached 4.6 degrees”, informed Andina News Agency.

The entity said that, from Monday to Wednesday, August 8, there will be a decrease in temperatures in the Arequipa region, information which was made public to the authorities and population to prepare for this event.

Meanwhile, in areas located over 4,000 meters high, the Senamhi professionals registered 17.4 degrees below zero in the Patahuasi sector, the lowest in the month of August.

On May 30 in the aforementioned zone recorded 19.6 degrees below zero, the lowest so far in the winter season.

In other areas such as Imata, Senamhi registered 11 degrees below zero, Chivay 3 degrees below zero and in Caylloma (district) 9 degrees below zero.

The Senamhi forecast that after August 15, temperatures will drop again.

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