Coffee Production Expected to Increase 11% in 2018


The National Coffee Board estimated that coffee production during this 2018 will be 6.8 million quintals (bags of 46 kilos), which represents an increase of 11% compared to the 6.15 million quintals achieved during 2017.

Coffee is becoming an important product in Peru and may be positioned among the most important exports in the country in the future.

However, they warned that this increase would not have a greater impact on the coffee producers’ economy, since the continuity of the low price cycle is foreseen, as well as the problems to honor the debts contracted before and during the pandemic period of the yellow rust.

The President of the National Coffee Board said that the next few years will be quite difficult for farmers since prices do not cover production costs and the government is not paying attention to small producers. He also mentions that this may trigger protests in the countryside in the future.

Cordova asked the authorities to take actions to strengthen Agrobanco, an important source of financing for producers in order to boost production and being able to establish as an important part of the market in Peru.

2017 closed with a shipment of 5.45million quintals (251 thousand MT) of green coffee, superior in 4.6% to the volume of 2016 (5.21 million), but the revenue shrunk to only 725million, representing a decrease of 4.6 %, compared to the previous year (760 million). The lower value of exports was due to the fall in international prices.

Have you drunk Peruvian coffee? What do you think of it?

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