Colombian Animation Film Is Dubbed Into A Peruvian Amazonian Language


The Book of Lila is the name of the film that was adapted to the Matsigenka language. The Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco pointed out that the work was done as part of the project of dubbing films to native languages.

“El Libro de Lila” is an animated film directed by the Colombian director Marcela Rincón. It was dubbed into the Matsigenka language which is spoken by the native communities of an Amazonian district of the Peruvian region of Cusco.

“The Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco said that the work was done as part of the project of dubbing films to native languages, such as the matsigenka, spoken by native communities of the district of Megantoni, in the Cusco province of La Convención”, explained El Espectador.

This film’s dubbed title is “Osankevantite Irira” and will be released on August 24, during the Native Community of Timpía festival, after which a cycle of national screenings will begin with the objective of “invigorating indigenous and the diversity of cultural identities” of the country, as you can read in the aforementioned media.

This dubbing process was made possible thanks to the participation of the population of Timpía, social organizations such as the Machiguenga Council of the Urubamba River (Comaru) and the municipalities of Megantoni and La Convención.

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