Peruvian Cinemas Have The Cheapest Rates In Latin America


Cinema is one of the main pastimes of Latin Americans. In Lima, the offer is wide and you can find establishments with different rates, and in comparison to the rest of the region, it is in this country where people can enjoy the cheapest rates.

“According to a study conducted by the Republic of Colombia, our country is the fourth nation with the lowest rate, this in relation to the highest prices of the main cinemas with more rooms in each of the countries”, informed Perú 21.

Information from this study revealed that the highest value for a ticket in a 2D amounts to $8.09 US dollars, equivalent to 26.88 soles, while in 3D the price is at $29.90 US dollars, taking as reference the Joiner Plaza Cinemark, you can read in the aforementioned media.

Venezuela, for instance, experiences a completely different reality. Since it’s a country with hyperinflation of about 1,000,000%, according to the IMF, a cost for a 2D ticket can reach $61 US dollars, and in the case of a 3D movie, up to $73.5 US dollars.

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