Congress Approved The Prohibition For Immediate Re-election Of Parliamentarians


The Peruvian Congress approved by a majority to carry out a constitutional reform that prohibits the immediate reelection of the parliamentarians in the same position that they are holding at the moment.

The vote was taken after Rosa Bartra (Fuerza Popular), head of the Constitution Commission, supported the opinion approved on Wednesday morning in the group, said El Comercio today.

There were 75 votes in favor, 23 against and 9 abstentions”, the aforementioned media explained, reminding their readers that this is one of the constitutional reforms proposed by the Executive recently.

With this decision, the four constitutional reform projects proposed by the Government are then approved. The other three that have already been approved are the constitutional reform initiatives on the bicamerality, the reform of the former National Council of the Magistracy (CNM) and the financing of political parties.

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