Congress Will Evaluate Project To Consult Peru’s Indigenous People


The parliamentary commission of Andean, Amazonian and Afro-Peruvian Peoples presented on Tuesday to the Congress the project of “Prior Consultation” (Consulta Previa), in favor of questioning indigenous peoples on matters of law that involve them, before approving them.

Congresswoman Tania Pariona, of the New Peru Movement (NPM), which is behind the motion, asked her colleagues in the committee to approve the project, said yesterday Telesur.

“The right to prior consultation, recognized by the Peruvian State, has been conquered by the native peoples, which should be reflected in the regulations and procedures of the Congress of the Republic,” said Pariona.

According to this media, in October 2017 a census revealed that there are 4,100,000 citizens that have declared to have an indigenous ancestry.

Nevertheless, a law passed in 2016 already obliges the government and regional authorities to consult the indigenous people on decisions that could affect their territories, but not many consider the norm.

“We invoke the Congress that can regulate a specific procedure,” Yohanna Vega, a representative of the Ministry of Culture said.

(Cover Photo: Deposit Photos)

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