Indigenous Movies Of Latin America Will Exhibit In Lima


More than twenty works from a dozen countries will be screened in Lima until today at the “Cine Foro: Territorio y Autonomía Audiovisual Indígena”, informed Centro de Culturas Indígenas del Perú in a press release.

They explain that this film festival seeks to promote the work of indigenous filmmakers and bring the public to the aesthetic and audiovisual narrative of these peoples.

The resistance of the Maya Q’eqchi ‘people of Guatemala against the construction of a dam in their community, the crossing of a young Awá through the ancestral territory of their people separated by the border between Colombia and Ecuador, and the expulsion of the Mapuche people of Chile from their communities, are some of the stories of struggle that are being screened at the Forum that’s taking place at the Cultural Center of Spain in Lima (Jr. Natalio Sánchez 181, Lima).

The films participating in the event come from countries such as Bolivia, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, the United States, Guatemala, Mexico, Paraguay, and Peru.

Some of the cultures that are portrayed are those of the Amahuaca, Anishnabe, Awá, Diné, Guaraní, Guarayo, Innu, Kichwa, Mapuche, Mixe, Quechua, and Yanesha.

After all of the projections, there will be a forum on indigenous life and territory, indigenous communication and the construction of cultural identity through cinema. Among the speakers are Verónica Huillipan, representative of the Mapuche Confederation of Neuquén of Argentina, Shapiom Noningo, technical secretary of the Autonomous Territorial Government of the Wampis Nation of Peru, Ana Vilacama, former senator of Bolivia and founder of the Indigenous Audiovisual Coordinator of Bolivia (CAIB) and Taily Terena, young leader of the National Council of Indigenous Women of Brazil (CONAMI).

(Source: Press Release)
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