Cristina Bergoglio – Urban Scenarios


An interview with the renowned cityscape painter and relative of His Excellency Pope Francis.

“I am glad to be in contact with Peru, it is a marvelous country with breathtaking nature and fascinating pre-Columbian art roots”.

Cristina Bergoglio – Urban Scenarios

 “When man wakes up from the vegetation, when he gives up his power of custody of the mountains, something urban and inhuman swings his instincts…it is the city which whispers thoughts to him that boosts his desire for glass, steel, and stone. It is the city which turns into a huge primitive creature when the street replaces our paths into quick epitaphs… It is when the theatre, the monuments, and temples replace the ceremonies to the stars…”

Cristina Bergoglio


London Millennium Bridge

Independent thinker, charismatic, and expressive are among the characteristics of Cristina Bergoglio, the Argentinian-born architect, painter, writer and relative of His Excellency Pope Francis, whom she deeply admires. She also possesses a spiritual soul, evident since youth, later expressed in her work through which she transmits her vision of a wider world where everything and everyone are related and connected through time and space.

Cristina Bergoglio’s artistic and literary work has been awarded several times and she is one of the most renowned cityscape painters in Spain.

Enhancing her interest for the magnificence of the metropolises contextualized as living organisms, her natural concern for personal and professional evolution inspired her to live abroad, beyond her beloved Cordoba, in Argentina. After graduating as an architect from the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, she studied fine arts in Madrid, at the Taller del Prado, which also served her as a fundamental complement to expand and enhance her artistic eye. It was in this art academy that the Andalusian painter and director Francisco Montero would become her mentor and afterward encourage Cristina to also become a fine arts teacher.

Bridge Eyes Look New York

The result of Cristina’s studies in architecture and fine arts, in addition to her professional experience and refined urban sensibility, conceived original compositions of distinct perspectives from the inspirational metropolises where she has lived or visited.

Urban scenarios from Buenos Aires, Mexico, Madrid, London, Paris, Brooklyn New York, etc., occasionally including human silhouettes or body sculptures to emphasize the metropolis’ human side, are remarkably portrayed owing to her skillful use of light and dark shadows as well as a dynamic brush technique, which plays a vital role in portraying a captivating panoramic view of time.

   Speed in Gran Via Madrid

Asked about her special interest in portraying a city’s panoramic views, Cristina enthusiastically explains, “I have a preference for painting urban views because from our prehistoric origins, since the first moment that humans needed to straight to get food, we already were potentially urban beings. Professionally, depicting cityscapes also allows me to get deeply into the geometric abstraction, a style that I am experiencing with currently. However, I do love and celebrate nature too, because both are deeply intimately connected. Actually, if we don’t take care of nature, nature can easily make cities disappear…”

Regarding her art technique, she answers, “I am interested in depicting the speed and ‘gestures’ of a city in its changeable time scenarios.” Technically I am intense, quick and spontaneous with the brush to capture a moment in a second. If I retouch that language, I could damage its temporary nature. I don’t really like those paintings where the cars are static and have very detailed elements. A car should not allow us even to see its license plate or its tyre brand, or to see the clothing or expressions of the people within detail.”

Kindly and smiling she adds, “I am so glad to be in contact with Peru. It is a marvelous country with breathtaking nature and fascinating pre-Columbian art roots that I would love to visit on time. Getting acquainted with the Peruvian art world and in particular portraying Lima, the City of the Kings, would be an unforgettable and remarkable experience.”

In her house and studio in Madrid.

Born in Cordoba, Argentina in 1967, Cristina Bergoglio has lived in Madrid since 1994. Her art works reside in private collections in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, USA, Germany, Portugal, and Spain. As well, her pieces are held in Spanish Institutions and Museums of Spain, such as the Rafael Alberti Museum.

She has won distinguished awards, including First Prize in the Ciudad de Toledo National Painting Contest and the Madrid- San Isidro Prize, from the Madrid Borough Council, among others. As a writer, she has been selected for noted literary publications such as “Cien Relatos Geniales de la Literatura Española y Extranjera, Antologia (Editorial Jamais, Sevilla). Cristina annually contributes with Mensajeros de la Paz, an NGO founded by the renowned Spanish Father Angel, whose charitable work benefits the homeless and international refugees.



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