Driving Licenses Of Chile And Peru Are Recognized In Both Countries


The agreement signed between Peru and Chile for the reciprocal recognition and exchange of driver’s licenses came into effect for the benefit of more than 200,000 Peruvians living in that country.

The agreement was signed by both countries during the Presidential Meeting and the first bi-national cabinet held on July 7, 2017, said Peru 21.

Also, Chileans living in Peru will be able to use their driver’s license without having to carry out the theoretical and practical tests required to obtain it, informed the Peruvian Foreign Ministry yesterday.

“The entry into force of this agreement is a concrete example of the work done by both Foreign Ministries to strengthen ties of cooperation and integration between the two countries, the official source added”, you can read in Peru 21.

A second bi-national cabinet between these two nations will be organized later this year in Chile.

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