Ecolecta 2018: An Initiative For Recycling In Peru


The NGO Tierra y Ser will be presented on August 8, the Press and Cocktail Conference at the Chamber of Commerce of Lima, to announce ECOLECTA 2018 under the slogan: THINK-RECYCLE-ACT.

Tierra y Ser is an NGO dedicated to raising awareness about recycling, collecting and reusing the plastic of beverage caps. In eight years it has managed to collect nearly 800 tons of plastic caps with the support of many collaborators, who are called ‘Eco-social warriors’”, they said in a press release.

The objective of this initiative is to reduce the carbon dioxide in Peru, but Tierra y Ser has also managed to donate orthopedic devices to people with special needs.

ECOLECTA 2018 seeks to consolidate a long-term environmental project that will benefit the planet and also provide wheelchairs and orthopedic devices to those who need them the most, according to their press release.

We all hope that we can reach the objectives and commitments agreed with the global agreement (ODS) in the United Nations, with the COP20 held in Lima in 2014 and the COP21 carried out in Paris-France in 2015, making all Peruvians in ECO-SOCIAL-WARRIORS. Our Planet Earth needs us!”, they said in the press release.

(Source: Press Release)
(Cover Photo: Press Release)

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