Economy Grew 4.29% During The First Semester


During the first semester of this year, the gross domestic product (GDP) registered an expansion of 4.29%, informed the INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics).

“In their technical report on domestic production, the entity said that the sectors that contributed most to this variation between January and June were manufacturing, agriculture, import duties and other taxes on products, as well as financial and insurance, commerce and transportation, storage, mail and courier”, explained yesterday El Peruano.

This period also showed a growth in the manufacturing activity, which was of 5.73% and due mainly to the increase registered in the elaboration and conservation of fish, crustaceans and mollusks in 32.91%, manufacture of primary products of precious metals and other non-ferrous metals in 5.37%, elaboration and conservation of meat 7.09 % and sugar processing 16.68%.

“On the other hand, the result of the increase in the economy in June 2018 was based on the favorable evolution of most sectors, highlighting agriculture, other services, telecommunications, transportation, trade, manufacturing and services provided to companies”, El Peruano informed.

As for exports, the total number increased by 11.02%.

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