El Niño Can Repeat In 2019


The Commission in Charge of the National Study of the El Niño Phenomenon (Enfen) reported that for the next summer, which begins in December of this year and concludes in March of 2019, there is 42% probability for the occurrence of weather conditions that motivate the presence of the El Niño Phenomenon.

“This percentage increases in the central equatorial Pacific, which includes the Central American coast, registering a 68% chance of El Niño for next summer”, wrote El Peruano.

Enfen published a statement indicating that the sea surface temperature of the Peruvian coast remains close to its normal values. However, in the central equatorial Pacific they observe a warming trend.

“It is expected that until August the arrival of warm Kelvin waves continues to the coast of Peru, contributing to a slight increase in the temperature of the sea, air and sea level,” the Commission said, according to El Peruano.

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