Former President Of Peru, Alan García, Requests Asylum In The Embassy Of Uruguay


The former president of Peru, Alan García, entered the residence of the Uruguayan ambassador in Lima last Saturday night and formally requested political asylum.

The Foreign Ministry reported on a statement made public on Sunday that García requested asylum “in accordance with the provisions of the Convention on Diplomatic Asylum of 1954, of which Peru and Uruguay are parties”.

In response, the Uruguayan government said they would evaluate the requested asylum, informed Telesur.

“On Saturday afternoon, the Peruvian justice system had ordered the ex-President to be banned from leaving the country for a period of 18 months, as part of the investigations into his alleged involvement in the corruption plot of Odebrecht in Peru”, the aforementioned media said.

Alan García is being investigated under the criminal acts of “money laundering” and “aggravated collusion” for having allegedly committed “illicit acts of conciliation” in the tender for the line 1 of the Lima Metro in favor of the Brazilian construction company Odebrecht, during his last presidential term (2006-2011).

The accusations imply that García received $100,000 US dollars from Odebrecht.

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