A Fourth March Against the Humanitarian Pardon Granted to Fujimori


This time, the point of concentration will be Kennedy Park, in Miraflores.

Thousands of Peruvians have shown their rejection regarding the decision PPK made just days after Congress voted for him to continue as head of state.  Two weeks after the historic Christmas Eve when he granted humanitarian pardon to former President Alberto Fujimori.

This time it was the General Confederation of Workers of Peru (CGTP) that announced the fourth mobilization for today, January 11.

The march will start in Kennedy Park but it is expected to reach May 2 Square, in Cercado de Lima.

In this regard, the Directorate General of Interior Government (DGIN) of the Ministry of the Interior, has not ruled on the guarantees and route of the demonstration just three days after it was made. After being hospitalized for almost 15 days at the Centenario clinic, former President Alberto Fujimori was transferred to a house in La Molina.

Many people against the pardon granted to Fujimori state that he is not as sick as the media portrays. However, many other people have shown their support for PPK’s decision. It is worth mentioning that even Keiko Fujimori criticized the way the pardon for her father was granted.

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