Fuji-Raffle That Keiko Fujimori Organized Was To Hide $1 Million US Dollars Received From Odebrecht


An investigation in 2011 uncovered that the Fujimorist political party justified 2 million soles collected in a raffle which nobody won. The event took place allegedly to hide $1 million US dollars received from Odebrecht.

On Wednesday, December 15, 2010, in order to finance the presidential campaign of Keiko Fujimori, the party offered 13 prizes in a raffle, but only one was delivered, informed La República.

“All the others, including the jackpot, which was a Chevrolet van, were never reclaimed. When the then general secretary of the Fujimorist party and the head of the campaign, Jaime Yoshiyama Tanaka, had to were held accountable, they declared that the organization had raised 2 million soles through the raffle”, the media said.

An investigation made it clear that there was a series of facts that did not add up together properly, like the fact that the winner of the raffle was the wife of the spokesman of the Fujimorist party, Jorge Trelles Montero.

Prosecutor José Domingo Pérez’s hypothesis is that the raffle was to cover up 2 million soles derived from Odebrecht’s contribution of $1 million US dollars to Keiko Fujimori’s campaign led by Jaime Yoshiyama.

“Interestingly, one day before the second round of 2011, when the polls indicated that Humala would defeat Keiko Fujimori, Yoshiyama reported that thieves entered his residence and took away his computers, in which he kept confidential information, such as the accounting information of the campaign,” wrote La República.

In addition, Yoshiyama never delivered the unsold tickets of the raffle, as well as information on those that were in fact, supposedly sold.

Also, according to the Brazilian Jorge Barata, Odebrecht gave Jaime Yoshiyama and Augusto Bedoya Cámere $1 million US dollars at the end of 2010. At the time of the change, they represented more than 2 million 840 thousand soles.

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