Gatorade Expands Its Portfolio In Peru


The Gatorade brand launched G-Active, a new product that expands its portfolio in Peru, said Flavia Pennano, Marketing Manager of Gatorade Peru.

G-Active is vitaminized water with zero calories, which helps replace what was lost during training, allowing to meet the fitness needs of people who exercise. “The key electrolyte in G Active, sodium, allows to replace what is lost with sweat and promotes hydration, stimulating thirst and maintaining fluid balance in the body”, explained La República, citing Pennano.

“Gatorade understands those who live an active life; Therefore, our portfolio has different products that are used to meet all the needs of athletes. For this reason, we have launched G-Active, which contains electrolytes and essential minerals to maintain a balanced hydration”, said Pennano.

Gatorade’s international portfolio is designed to respond to the different needs of competitive athletes, from people who perform low impact sports such as fitness exercises, to those who perform high impact sports, the media explained.

G-Active is available in Peru in the strawberry-kiwi and lemon flavors in 500 ml bottles at a price of S / 2.

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