Government Will Hand Out Bonuses for Acquiring Electric Cars in Peru


Electric cars, like the hybrid Toyota Prius, cost almost double as much as the traditional cars that run on fossil fuel.

During the inauguration of the Feria de Tecnologías Eficientes 2018 (Efficiency Technologies Fair 2018), held until today at the Convention Center in Lima, San Borja, the Vice-Minister of Energy, Raúl García Carpio, informed that by July of this year a law that encourages the acquisition of electric cars will be promulgated.

El Peruano informed that a bonus will be handed out as an economic aid for potential buyers. It will be accompanied by other benefits, which are being studied by the Ministries of Economy and Transport, they added.

The Vice-Minister said he can’t talk about an exact amount, regarding the bonus, because it hasn’t yet been defined, but he “noted that in the countries where this policy is applied, it is between 3,000 and 5,000 dollars”, said El Peruano.

The incentive to use electric cars is to preserve the environment, said García Carpio to El Peruano. He also considers that, with this policy, by 2025 these type of vehicles should have a similar price to those that use fossil fuels.

“The price is key in this issue, because one of the disadvantages of electric cars is their cost, which is worth two to three times more than a gasoline car.”, the website explains.

In Peru, the only brand that sells today electric cars is Toyota with their Prius model, which is not entirely electric, but a hybrid that can also run on gasoline. It costs around $38,000 US dollars.

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