Heavy Fog Covers Lima


Senamhi reported that districts near the coast such as Miraflores, Barranco and Chorrillos will keep being a little cooler than the rest, with a maximum temperature between 24 and 25 degrees.

Since Monday a dense layer of fog covered several districts of Lima. Thus, despite being in the middle of the summer, many people in Lima are still not able to enjoy the bright sun that can usually be seen this time of the year.

The National Service of Meteorology and Hydrology (Senamhi) explained that this situation is due to the low temperature in the sea which is characteristic of the ocean current phenomenon La Niña.

The Senamhi specialist, Benito Valderrama, reported to El Comercio that this fog could last at least three more days since the temperature of the sea does not usually change so quickly. He mentioned that this will continue while the temperature of the sea remains low, although sometimes this fog may dissipate quickly.

In this situation the cloud cover from the mountain range increases, which then increases the humidity and makes the fog continue longer.

On the other hand, the maximum temperature in coastal districts is between 24 and 25 degrees, influenced by the sea temperature. In the case of other districts, the heat is at a higher level between 27 and 28 degrees.

Have you seen this fog that covers Lima? Do you prefer sunny days?

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