In 2017 There Were More Than 1,400 Human Trafficking Complaints In Peru


The Public Prosecutor’s Office in Peru registered a total of 1,433 complaints about human trafficking in 2017, almost 300 more than those made in 2016.

The regions were most of the complaints take place are Lima, Madre de Dios, Loreto, Puno, and Tacna, and El Comercio revealed that an analysis report on trafficking done by the Public Prosecutor’s Office said that between 2014 and 2017 almost 4,000 complaints were registered for this crime.

“We have identified that (…) in Loreto, the victims are taken to the cities of the coast to exploit them. In Madre de Dios, they are brought from Puno and Cusco to exploit them as prostitutes in bars linked to illegal mining”, said Lucía Nuñovero, spokeswoman for the office of strategic analysis against crime, to El Comercio.

Among other information, the report revealed that 25% of the victims in Lima were captured by a relative or an acquaintance, and 13% come from families with a stable economic situation and high education.

After being rescued, there is only one specialized institute in Lima that takes care of human trafficking cases, according to information from the Deputy Minister of Vulnerable Populations, Cecilia Aldave. She says that it’s the responsibility of the regional and local governments to built these centers to offer the proper attention and care to the victims.

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