Two 3,000-Year-Old Burials Found In The Archaeological Zone Of Marcavalle


During the works of archaeological research developed by specialists from the Decentralized Directorate of Culture of Cusco in the Archaeological Zone of Marcavalle, two human burials dating back to 3,000 years ago were discovered.

According to information from El Comercio, the archaeologist Luz Marina Monrroy Quiñones, director of the Research Project, said that the first burial corresponds to a person under 20 years of age, who was surrounded by a stone structure and whose bones were found to be flexed and with cephalic modifications. Associated with the skull was a circular gold plate with a perforation, which is thought to have served for ornamental purposes.

“The second burial shows the complete skeleton of a young individual, who was found lying in an extended lateral position, located a few meters from the first burial”, the media explained.

Other materials, such as obsidian pieces, and the remains of a South American camelid were found in the excavation as well.

“These findings correspond to the Formative period, that is, approximately 1,000 years before Christ, which confirms that Marcavalle contains the first recorded human burials in the Cusco valley, being its first settlement,” archaeologist Luz Marina Monrroy said to El Comercio.

The archaeological research project of Marcavalle is scheduled until the end of this year and researchers continue the work.

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