Influencers From Latin America Promote Peru’s Tourist Attractions


Six Latin American influencers shared with their millions of followers on social media various tourist attractions in Peru to encourage foreign travelers to visit more than once this country.

Digital leaders from Argentina, Brazil and Mexico met with Promperú (Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism) and visited the country to encourage travelers to return more than once.

“The first to visit national territory were the Brazilian bloggers Thaynara Gomes and Evelyn Regly, who, together, add more than 6 million followers on Instagram. They were accompanied by the Caras Brasil magazine and visited Lima, Arequipa, Puno and Cusco between 9 and 15 of April”, El Comercio said.

Through their publications, their followers were able to enjoy the culture, cosmopolitan lifestyle, gastronomy, and more. In a total of 179 posts and 7 videos on Instagram, 35 posts on Facebook and 12 videos on Youtube, the influencers’ followers surely got a broad idea of what to do in Peru and what the experience might be like for them.

Then, from April 15 to 19, Argentine influencers Valentina Salezzi and Cecilia Saia toured the capital. In their digital platforms, they shared a varied tourist and gastronomic offer of the city for those who decide to spend more than two nights in Lima.

On the other hand, the Mexican travel influencer Alan Estrada “Alan x el mundo, who has more than 4 million followers, spent 15 days in Peru touring Lima, Madre de Dios (Tambopata) and Cusco (Ausangate – Vinincunca).

Finally, the also Mexican Mariel Galán from “Mariel de Viaje visited Lima, Iquitos and Amazonas, highlighting activities related to adventure and nature.

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