6 YouTube Accounts You Should Consider Following If Traveling To Peru


Many travelers like to read blogs and search on social media information about the destination they have chosen for their next trip so that they don’t miss any details and this is why El Comercio prepared a list of six YouTubers you should consider following if you are coming soon to Peru.

“Many travelers have found on YouTube the ideal platform to show their travel experiences around Peru”, the aforementioned media said, and this is their list:

Misias pero viajeras: Considered among the most trusted Peruvian influencers, Daniela Cabrera and Fátima Sotomayor, teach in each of their YouTube videos, that it is not necessary to have a large travel budget to fully enjoy a Peruvian destination.

Buen viaje: Her YouTube videos are characterized by showing in a few steps the unmissable activities of different Peruvian attractions.

ViajeraZsa: After her journey as a host of a travel program, Zsa Zsa Frayssinet decided to launch her own YouTube channel, in which she shares the best tips of her trips around Peru.

Coco Trips: The Argentinean actor and conductor Coco Maggio loved Peru so much, that he decided to launch his own travel blog to share his different adventures for the most incredible destinations in the country. His goal is to motivate more people to visit different and unique places.

Viajar de a 2: Giannina Rocha and Christian Choy are a Peruvian couple who decided to leave the office life to travel through Peru and the world in search of the best plans for two. In their YouTube videos, you can appreciate each of their romantic experiences throughout the country.

Atrevi2: Misión Viajera. The adrenaline and adventure are what predominates in the trips of Liz Yamashiro and Freddy Onaja, a young couple who are not afraid of the challenges in each of their journeys through Peru. They share interesting tips and videos on their social networks.

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