More Than 4,500 Peruvians Look For Tour Packages On The Internet Every Day


Every day 4,554 Peruvians look for tourist packages on the Internet, a figure that places the country in sixth place in Latin America, in terms of online searches for trip destinations.

According to Ariadna Communications Group, the “digital traveler” is more and more informed and in the case of Peru, he consults 11 different websites before making his choice.

“The activity most sought by Peruvians to perform on their vacations is the visit to theme parks”, El Comercio said, adding that secondly, they prefer to visit lakes and rivers, and third, beaches and islands.

The places that are less searched by Peruvians are museums and historical sites.

The study indicates that while Peruvians and Colombians make the necessary purchases 45 days before a trip, a Mexican does them just 15 or up to 7 days before.

In addition, Ariadna Communications Group determined that Peruvians, Colombians and Venezuelans have a very strong tendency to leave their countries for vacation, while Mexicans like to visit other places in their own country, 90% of the time.

“In Latin America, the country whose inhabitants lead the number of online searches for travel options per day is Mexico with 139,112, followed by Argentina with 44,457 and Colombia with 34,994 inquiries”, said El Comercio.

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