Jorge Chávez Airport Will Undergo Expansion


The Jorge Chávez airport in Lima will be expanded by the hands of the construction company Salini Impregilo who won the tender for this project.

“Lima Airport Partners (LAP), which is controlled by German airport operator Fraport, has selected Salini Impregilo and FCC and AECOM partners for the design and construction that will go to the expansion of one of the largest airports in South America”, said yesterday KHL Magazine.

This expansion project includes the construction of a second runway and a passenger terminal, which will make the airport cover an extension of 9 million square meters, rather than the current 2 million. It will also be able to serve 30 million passengers per year.

Salini Impregilo had had a presence in Peru since the 1960s. It has done more than 25 infrastructure projects including roads and the Mantaro hydroelectric dam”, the aforementioned media explained.

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