Kenji Fujimori, Bocángel And Ramírez Were Suspended By Congress


After an expeditious process of 63 days, the plenary session of the Congress culminated the constitutional process against the non-grouped parliamentarians Kenji Fujimori, Guillermo Bocángel and Bienvenido Ramírez and accused them of the crimes of generic active bribery and influence peddling, said El Comercio today.

The three parliamentarians will be suspended for the duration of the criminal process, which is for the alleged negotiation of votes to avoid the vacancy of the former President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski (PPK), as was inferred from the recordings of the congressman of Fuerza Popular (FP) Moisés Mamani.

With the suspension of Fujimori, Bocángel, and Ramírez, FP will recover three seats in Congress. With this, the bench will add 62 members, a number that is closer to what is considered as a simple majority (66).

The duration of the suspension is uncertain. There are precedents of suspended congressmen who resumed their seats, such as José Luna’s (National Unity), who was sanctioned in 2002”, El Comercio said. “Being suspended, Luna obtained re-election in 2006, but was out of Parliament until 2009, when he was acquitted”, they continued.

Kenji Fujimori was expelled from his party, Fuerza Popular, en January this year, for clashing with its leader, his sister Keiko.

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