LATAM Peru Will Reduce Up to 50% Domestic Flight Prices


LATAM Airlines Peru has announced that they will be reducing the costs of several of their domestic flights in order to compete against new “low cost” airlines that offer low prices.

With a growing demand for flights every year the market has begun to lower its prices and offer better deals. LATAM Peru wishes to make their users happier by offering them cheaper plane tickets.

“In order to meet the needs of the national market, where many passengers need to buy a one-way ticket, LATAM Airlines Peru has launched a cheaper price initiative to travel by section within Peru.”, explained Perú 21.

The idea is to continue to generalize the use of the plane as a way to travel, according to José Sabogal, director of Sales and Marketing of this airline. He also mentioned that they wish to offer their customers better choices and more freedom when buying a stretch of their trip at a reduced price.

“For example, you can buy a one-way ticket Lima-Arequipa for 41 dollars or 134 soles (depending on the exchange)”, Perú 21 explains.

The reduced prices for one stretch will be available for these domestic flights:

– Lima
– Cusco
– Arequipa
– Puerto Maldonado
– Juliaca
– Piura
– Tumbes
– Talara
– Iquitos
– Pucallpa
– Tarapoto
– Jaén
– Jauja

The interregional stretches that will have lower prices are:

– Cusco- Juliaca
– Cusco- Arequipa
– Cusco-Puerto Maldonado or vice-versa

Sabogal also informed that in the second half of the year LATAM Airlines Peru will have 7 direct flights from Cusco de Lima, Juliaca, Puerto Maldonado, Arequipa, Pisco, Trujillo, and Iquitos.

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