PNP Warned of Possible Attack Against Pope Francis in Peru


Just a few hours before the arrival of Pope Francis in Peru, the Policía Nacional del Perú (PNP) warned of a possible terrorist attack against the Supreme Pontiff.

As related by Ojo, Kathy Wenstuisen, a nun from the Apostolic Nunciature, received a phone call from a woman named Amparo informing that the Pope will receive an attack during his visit in Peru.

This woman told the police that during the afternoon of January 11, while she was heading to her home in Huacho, she was intercepted by two men from a passing van, who offered her 300 soles to transmit the following message:

“The terrorist attack is a fact, two people are immolating in the north”, according to the information received in a document by José Lavalle, Sub Director General of the National Police (Policía Nacional).

The document also says that the alleged attack would include the participation of three people: one of them would attempt against Pope Francis; another one against the crowd; and the last one would use a black-colored vehicle for an attack from or with it.

It’s not the first alert about a possible attack to the Pope during his upcoming visit to Peru, says a PNP officer. “Throughout a virtual patrol we’ve detected four or five alerts that talk about an alleged attack to occur during a mass”, he says.

This officer also explained that these virtual alerts come from people in social media that are publicly manifesting against the Pope.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs (Ministerio del Interior) informed that security measures have been taken to guarantee the security during the Pope’s visit. They also explained that different intelligence units will be ready to counteract any kind of threat that could take place.

This Thursday, Pope Francis will be arriving in Lime for a three-day tour where he will be meeting with several religious groups, offering masses and spreading his word.

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