“May Pope Francis Put Us on the Path of Dialogue”


President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski said on Tuesday that, in spite of the differences among the citizens in Peru, everyone shares the longing of a solidary country without violence.

Kuczynski expressed this willingness through his official Twitter account, where he also emphasized the violence on women and children in the country.

“Above the differences, Peruvians share the longing of building a solidary country without violence, especially against women and children”, he pointed out on Twitter.

He is also hopeful that with the Pope’s visit to Peru this Thursday the country will enter a dialogue and find “a road to peace”, said Pedro Pablo Kuczynski.

Pope Francis is set to arrive on January 18 to Lima on an official visit to to the country. He will be remaining for a total of three days, visiting several cities, such as Puerto Maldonado and Trujillo, where he will also be giving masses and meeting several religious groups.

You can follow the Pope’s visit in Peru on Twitter using the hashtags #FranciscoEnPerú and you can also visit the website www.papafranciscoenperu.pe for information about the tour that will be taking place from tomorrow. Details about the schedule, masses, tips and where you’ll be able to see the Popemobile can be found there.

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