Lima Soccer Fans Will Be Able To Enjoy Matches As If They Were In The Field


The Limeños and Chalacos will be able to see the matches that the Peruvian soccer team will play in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia as if they were on the same court thanks to the high definition image and sound provided by the digital signal television.

This signal is free and will be transmitted openly, captured by receivers with digital tuner and antenna, wrote Andina news agency.

This is a historical milestone at a sporting level, but also at a technological level,” said the vice minister of Communications, Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), Virginia Nakagawa, on the upcoming World Cup, which she described as an auspicious occasion to address the issue of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) in Peru.

She expressed that the ministry is “more than happy” to share the progress the country has on this issue, and also because Peru will be participating in the World Cup.

As a result of this technological advance, an analog blackout will begin in the year 2020 in Lima and Callao and will be progressive in all of the regions of Peru while digital television becomes massive.

This information was given by the minister in a seminar promoted by the Directorate General of Authorizations in Telecommunications, of the Vice Ministry of Communications of the MTC. It took place in a well-known hotel in San Isidro and had the objective of promoting the diffusion of the digital television, taking into account that the analogical blackout is coming very soon.


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