Make Peruvian Lomo Saltado At Home – Recipe


Very few dishes evoke so many memories for Peruvian people like a traditional homemade Lomo Saltado. Today, we are going to help you make it at home!

As not everybody has a wok in their kitchens, it would appear difficult to get that typical smoked flavor you receive when you eat that dish in restaurants. But don’t worry, we have tips that will make your homemade Lomo Saltado compete with even the best ones in town!


  • Use a very thin pan, so the temperature can rise faster or more easily during the cooking process.
  • Cut all the ingredients you will need and put them close to you because once the fire is on, everything will go very fast.
  • Cook max. 2 portions at once, so you can reach a high and uniform temperature for all the ingredients.


  • Pot
  • Pan (thin back)
  • Ingredients for 2 people
  • Tenderloin 360 gr.
  • Rice 160 gr.
  • Tomato 1 unit
  • Ají amarillo 30 gr.
  • Cilantro 4 gr.
  • Oil 150 ml.
  • Onion 100 gr.
  • Green Onions 20 gr.
  • Soy Sauce 4 tsp
  • Ostion Sauce 2 tsp
  • Vinegar 4 tsp
  • Potato 300 gr.
  • Minced garlic 10 gr.

Step-By-Step Lomo Saltado: Total Cooking Time 45 Minutes

    • Put a pot on medium fire with a 1/2 spoon of oil and 1/4 spoon of minced garlic. Add white rice using a glass and then, add the same volume of water using the same glass.
      • When it starts boiling, lower the flame to the minimum, cover the pot, and cook 6 to 7 min.
      • Add 1/2 spoon of oil, mix a little, cover the pot, and let it cook 6 to 7 min. more.
      • Turn off the fire, and leave the pot covered.
    • Cut the potato into 8 pieces.
    • Put oil in a large pan and turn on the fire to medium strength. The oil must cover all the surface of the pan with half cm width.
    • Heat the oil for 2 min and add the potatoes.
      • Cook the potatoes 10 min on each side.
      • Remove the fried potatoes of the pan, and put them on an absorbent paper over a plate.
      • Salt to taste.
    • Now select a pan with a thin back, and cover it with oil (if you want you can recycle part of the oil you used to cook the potatoes).
    • Heat the pan with the strongest fire you have for 2 min., add the pieces of meat and cook it moving continuously during 3min. If you cook for many people, don’t cook all the meat at the same time, do it in portions for 2.
      • If some flames appear in the process, don’t worry: this is good!
      • Once cooked, reserve the salted meat on a plate.
    • In the same pan add the onions and salt them during 30 sec. Add the tomato and cook 30 sec. more. Add the Ají, green onions and the meat. Move all the ingredients continuously.
      • Add the vinegar, soy sauce, and Ostion sauce, and cook one more minute moving continuously all the ingredients.
      • Add the cilantro leaves and switch off the fire.


It is important to serve your Lomo Saltado at the moment. Plate it, put some rice, some fried potatoes, and a portion of your Lomo Saltado. Don’t forget the sauce!

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