Monte Puyo Is The New Private Conservation Area Of ​​Peru


The Amazonas region has a new Private Conservation Area (PCA) called Monte Puyo, recently recognized by the Ministry of the Environment (MINAM), through the Ministerial Resolution No. 349-2018-MINAM, for a period of 10 years.

According to El Comercio, this would be the 14th PCA of the Amazon region.

Monte Puyo is located in the Yambrasbamba district of Bongará province with an area of 16,153 hectares. The PCA was created mainly to preserve the biodiversity of the humid mountain forests of the area.

Due to its location, this space forms a conservation corridor with the Alto Mayo Protection Forest, the Cordillera de Colán National Sanctuary and the Private Conservation Areas: Copallin, Abra Patricia – Alto Nieva, La Pampa del Burro and Hierba Buena.”, explained El Comercio.

Over 420 plant species have been recorded in this Private Conservation Area. They include also 41 orchids. As for species, there is the yellow-tailed woolly monkey, the Andean bear, the river otter, the white-tailed deer, and others.

As for birds, this area houses up to 215 species, including the Lesser Antpitta, the Tororoi with an octopus front and the pale-billed Tororoi, unique species in this part of the country.

Also, in this ACP there have been registered 420 plant species among which 41 of orchids stand out.

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