More Than 440 Mining Concessions Have Been Requested In A Single Day


The mining sector is registering good prices in the recent months, according to Gestión, and it shows in the request for new mining concessions made in the Geological, Mining and Metallurgical Institute, known as Ingemmet.

Until June, there was a report of applications, and there are already 4,500 requests for concessions”, informed Gestión. According to this media, this indicates that 2018 figures will be much better than in recent years.

“To have an idea, in the last year 5,831 requests for concessions were reported and one of the highest years was in 2014, with more than 6,000 requests, but today it is observed that the trend is positive and could easily be overcome the number of orders in the past,” said the director of the Mining Cadastre of the Ingemmet, Henry Luna.

Just this week in a single day Ingemmet received more than 440 mining concessions requests.

Currently, the mining sector will add 316,000 hectares for concessions, which represents 1.06% of the Peruvian territory. Some of the minerals that will be exploited are copper and gold, and also now lithium, since the latest discovery of a large reserve in Puno.

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