More Than 600 Children Intoxicated By Eating Damaged Food In Peru


Around 620 children were poisoned after eating damaged or contaminated food in the city of Cañete, south of the capital of Peru.

The affected schoolchildren are between 6 and 12 years old and are benefited by the government food program Qali Warma, explained yesterday Telesur.

“The authorities blame the company Man y Liu S.R.L”, the media informed, adding that the Public Prosecutor’s Office immobilized all of its products for analysis.

Man y Liu distributes breakfast to 180 educational institutions and the intoxication has been registered in at least four of them.

The executive director of the social program Qali Warma, Mario Rios, said that apparently the fruit compote could have been the source of the intoxication but more analysis is needed.

Relatives and representatives of the affected infants demand a response from the State in this regard. In addition, the Ombudsman’s Office opened an investigation in order to apply administrative and judicial sanctions in cases that are relevant.

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