More Ventures Benefit From Startup Peru


The enterprises benefited by the Startup Peru initiative, of the Innóvate Peru program, generated sales of more than 116 million soles, said the head of the Ministry of Production (Produce), Raúl Pérez-Reyes.

“Since the launch of Startup Peru, more than 35 million soles have been invested in around 400 innovative ventures, from 18 regions of the country”, according to El Peruano.

In addition, they informed that these ventures have created around 3,000 jobs with average salaries of more than 2,000 soles, which equals more about 3 times the minimum wage.

Pérez-Reyes also added that in the sixth generation of Startup Peru, whose results were presented last June, more than 5 million soles will be invested in 53 innovative ventures, 21 dynamic ventures and 2 high impact companies.

Minister Pérez-Reyes, together with Peru Emprende, a network of 50 public and private organizations, participated in the launch of Entrepreneurship Month, which will have more than 200 activities during this month in various regions of the country” also mentioned El Peruano today.

This event will include conferences, forums, workshops, mentoring sessions and fairs to promote innovative ventures in the country.

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