Movistar Is the Fastest 4G Operator in Peru


In the global scenario, Singapore is the fastest in the world with 44.31 Mbps of average 4G download speeds.

The mobile-insight company Open Signal presented a report that shows Movistar is the fastest 4G operator in Peru, based on samples recovered from over 28,000 devices.

“In general, Peru offers a 4G download rate lower than the world average”, RPP said. This information comes from an evaluation done by Open Signal, taking into consideration the four telephone companies that operate in the country: Bitel, Claro, Entel, and Movistar.

February’s report concludes that Entel and Movistar are the leaders in LTE download speed with an average superior to 21 Mbps. Then, follows Claro with 14.32 Mbps, which is under the global average of 16.9 Mbps.

“In Bitel’s case, the average download 4G speed is 5.66 Mbps”, RPP wrote.

As for the availability of 4G service, all four of the phone operators surpassed the 75% of Open Signal users. Entel registered the highest percentage with 84.6%, while Claro was last on the list with 75.6%, according to this report.

The results of this evaluation come from 28,372 samples from mobile users in Peru, taken between October 2, 2017, and December 31, 2017.

Comparing Peru to the rest of Latin America, it is located in the 9th place, out of 15 analyzed countries, just after Chile and before Bolivia. Mexico leads the charts with the best download 4G speed, reaching an average of 23.35 Mbps.

In the global scenario, Singapore is the fastest in the world with 44.31 Mbps of average 4G download speeds. India is last with 6.07 Mbps.

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