New Audios Reveal That Walter Rios Gave Promotions In Exchange For Sexual Favors


New audios revealed how the former president of the Superior Court of Callao, Walter Rios, harassed several workers in their sector to ask for sexual favors in exchange for “helping” inexplicable appointments and promotions.

“The first of the audios, which were broadcasted by the Sunday TV show Punto Final, shows how a harassed woman rejects him, although her identity was not revealed”, wrote La República.

Other audios were presented in Punto Final, among them, the conversation with Cinthya Celeste Vargas Farías, who he would help achieve a better job in the Court of Callao.

However, Vargas Farías was not the only one sexually harassed, according to information from La República. They said that the records of the State vehicle the magistrate used showed that he had been parking in restaurants, shopping centers, as well as hostels and hotels.

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