Comfortably Numb: An Opinion On The Prevalence Of Femicide In Peru


I assume that no society is perfect, and many have their fair share of challenges and faults. Living in Peru as a resident, I have had some difficulty accepting many of the issues that seem to be the norm in this country. A very disturbing one in particular is femicide.

I have speechlessly witnessed for a few years now stories of countless femicides in this country, as well as all types of abuse including rape, mental and physical anguish towards women. The numbers continue increasing (Peru ranks the highest in the world) and society, including the authorities, are just sitting back and witnessing these barbaric crimes in a comfortably numb mode. It’s mind boggling that people have just gotten so used to these news reports, so much so that they just seem to be numb to it all.

One of the reasons why I’m writing this opinion piece is due to the recent death of a young 22-year-old Peruvian female who was torched alive on a public bus by a sick individuala predator, a stalker.

It is beyond my ability to comprehend how something like this can take place, taking the life of an innocent human being.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

After the attack, this young lady fought for her life for over five weeks. The prognosis for burn victims in her condition is usually quite poor. In a state of medically-induced coma and receiving multiple surgeries, her body eventually just gave up. It was a generalized septicemia that ultimately took her life.

This was by no means the worst crime yet. This tragic event, along with so many other crimes to women, such as female dismemberment and others I don’t care to mention, currently fill the news in Peru.

I have also seen most of these so-called humans getting apprehended by the police. Now, what’s unreal to me is the complete lack of remorse from these individuals. I have seen their confessions and taped interviews and it is really frightening to say the least.

Of course, there have been some outcries from the media, citizens, and even the President of Peru, but from what I have seen during the time I have lived here, this will become just another statistic piled on to the already high victim count.

How can this be dealt with?

Good question. I think this is a societal, cultural, and generational issue that has been going on for far too long. Some of it can be attributed to families raising their boys to become controlling and abusive over women. On the other hand, it can also be attributed to families raising their little girls to become submissive and to endure the abuse. Ignorance and lack of education play a big role in contributing to this problem. I also know that this terrible behavior affects society at all levels of social status.

(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

Stricter laws, chemical castration, longer jail sentences—these are all great proposals, but unfortunately laws are created in Peru in such a way that people often get away with murder. The deterrents are just simply not there. People do not fear the law.

A big difference between Peruvian law and the laws of the United States is the deterrent system. It’s much more effective in the United States. People fear doing time and they know that if they want to play, they will have to pay; sometimes, even with their own lives.

What are your thoughts on the issue of femicide in Peru? Can it be solved? We welcome your opinions on the topic in the comments below.

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Fernando Calle is a Peruvian-born, American citizen who has lived in the USA for over 25 years. He is a Cardiovascular Technologist and Sleep Disorder Specialist, having worked for Baptist Health Systems (Florida, USA) where he held the position as Chief Technologist of the Respiratory Disorders Department. After having worked for his own companies (Sleep Services of South Florida and Total Health Diagnostics, also in South Florida), he currently resides in Lima, Peru on a new quest as an English Teacher. Holds the ELT, FCE and ECPE (Cambridge-Michigan) international certificates. Also offers advanced English level courses for business, English Law, Technical English. Specialized in Medical English.