The Overwhelming Message of Venezuelans Living in Peru


Venezuelans that are currently residing in Peru created a video with a message against xenophobia, due to attacks that have been increasing towards them over the years.

“I’m Venezuelan and I live in Peru”, actress Alphie Pagano says in the video, “It is not that I smile frequently because my situation is easy, it is because I am happy to have the opportunity to start over again”, she continues.

This is how this video, transmitted by CNN en Español, begins. Its objective is to bring a message of tolerance, not only to citizens in Peru but to many others in the world, who have been impacted by the arrival of Venezuelans in their country.

Currently, people from Venezuela are residing in more than 80 different countries, La República says. The reason: The political, economical, and social situation due to a bad management of Nicolás Maduro’s government.

“I’m a Venezuelan, I live in Peru, and I have never taken anything that doesn’t belong to me”, declared Robert Guedez, a stylist who is also featured in the video.

Venezuela, a country with about 30 million people, has seen already more than 3 million of them cross the borders to find a better life somewhere else. Families and friendships have been broken apart, investments, homes, entire lifetimes left behind, only to find a better future for themselves and their loved ones.

Currently, the average minimum wage for a person living in Venezuela is about 1.12 US dollars, if compared to the unofficial exchange in the country. This adds up to the medicine and food scarcity, as well as a growing insecurity on the streets, some of the main reasons that Venezuelans have for emigrating.

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