Peru Adheres To Budapest Agreement On Cybersecurity And Legal Aid


Peru acceded to the Budapest Convention, adopted by the Council of Europe in 2001, on cybersecurity and judicial assistance to prevent cybercrime and child pornography, among other crimes, according to the Association of Banks of Peru (Asbanc).

“This agreement will help Peru obtain international cooperation and be more effective in preventing and punishing acts that endanger systems, networks or data confidentiality or integrity, among other digital crimes,” said Martín Naranjo, president of Asbanc, in a statement.

The Budapest agreement was created to deal with crimes committed through the Internet and other computer networks, such as copyright infringement, computer fraud, child pornography, among others.

In addition, it seeks to find fast and effective mechanisms of international cooperation, as well as to establish powers and procedures for the classification of the crimes contemplated in the agreement, according to Asbanc.

The Peruvian Foreign Ministry noted that Peru’s commitment to the Budapest Convention does not require the repeal or modification of laws in the country.

(Cover Photo Pixabay)

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