Peru And Brazil Agree To Exchange Intelligence Information


The governments of Peru and Brazil agreed yesterday to exchange intelligence information to face the common threats in the Amazon, according to the Peruvian Ministry of Defense.

“The agreement was taken by the defense ministers of Peru, José Huerta, and of Brazil, Joaquim Silva e Luna, who held the II Bilateral Meeting of their sector at the Naval Base of Nanay, in the Peruvian Amazon city of Iquitos”, informed La Vanguardia.

According to official information, the meeting ended “with the commitment to increase the exchange of intelligence information to effectively face the main crimes in the border area”.

We are countries that have common threats that we must face together”, Huerta said.

He also mentioned that among the common threats there are: drug trafficking, illegal mining, illegal logging, human trafficking and weapon trafficking.

During this meeting it was also agreed to develop joint civic actions along the Yavarí Amazon River, to bring humanitarian aid to the riparian communities of the two countries.

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