Peru Approved Life In Prison And Possible Castration To Rapists


Yesterday, the Peruvian Congress approved in the first voting session life in prison and possible chemical castration for rapists of children under 14 years of age.

“The multiparty proposal, which raises the life imprisonment in those cases, was approved unanimously, while the chemical castration, which is left to the judge’s criteria, received 67 votes in favor, seven against and 28 abstentions”, wrote El Universal.

Next week a new voting will take place which could make the punishment part of the legislation, this media informed.

This measure comes after a wave of sexual violence against children and women that has been registered in Peru in recent times. “So far the life sentence is applied to rapists who attack children under 10 years of age and from then on the maximum penalty is 35 years in prison”, El Universal said.

Chemical castration consists of a process in which by periodic injections the production of testosterone is slowed down and, therefore, the sexual desires of those who receive them are reduced. It will be imposed as a complementary measure when the judge deems it appropriate.

To the feminist leader Angelica Musayon, the measure of life in prison is a great advance in the Peruvian justice. On his part, the president of the Supreme Court of Justice, Duberlí Rodríguez considers that more prevention is needed to avoid raping from happening.

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