Peru Approved The Extradition Of Banker Accused Of Stealing $500 Million US Dollars


The Supreme Court of Peru approved the extradition to China of citizen Wu Xiaoliang, required by the authorities of that country for allegedly stealing $500 million US dollars from the Bank of Ningbo when he worked as an official of that institution in 2016.

La República explained that the measure was ordered last Wednesday by the First Transitory Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court, led by judge José Luis Lecaros.

Currently, the whereabouts of Xiaoliang are unknown. The request of his extradition was caught up in the corruption and influence peddling at the highest levels of the Peruvian judiciary that has been revealed in audios broadcasted in recent days.

“In one of those conversations the president of the Superior Court of Callao, Walter Rios, who is serving a preventive detention of 18 months for supposedly receiving bribes, is heard to coordinate with the ex-adviser of communications of the judiciary Luis Díaz to prevent the extradition from being approved”, wrote La República.

According to the Chinese authorities, Xiaoliang fled the country after improperly appropriating more than $500 million US dollars from the Bank of Ningbo.

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