Prosecutors Estimate $1,500 Million US Dollars In Civil Repairs From Odebrecht


The minister of justice, Salvador Heresi says that in spite of not having yet the definite number, it is estimated that the construction company must pay around $1,500 million US dollars for civil repairs.

“We will announce it in the following days”, Heresi said today to the news, according to Gestión.

After revealing on November 2016 that Odebrecht had paid bribes to public officials in Peru and other countries in the region to access infrastructure projects, the payment of civil compensation in favor of the Peruvian State for damages began.

“At the beginning of 2017, the well-known Emergency Decree 003-2017 was issued to supposedly ensure the continuity of the projects and the payment of civil compensation”, wrote Gestión. “The amount of compensation to the State was not known, not even the estimates”, they continued.

Almost a year later, the Attorney-General’s Office calculated S / 3,468 million as payment for civil reparation, but now the minister of justice, Salvador Heresi, says that in the next few days the final number will be announced, suggesting that the damage figure would be around $1,500 million US dollars.

Heresi also explained that the State can request a certain amount, but the Justice branch of Peru can determine another.

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