Peru is attractive for Mining Investments


Currently, the Government has 15 investment projects in the mining and energy sector.

El Peruano wrote that Peru was consolidated as one of the most attractive destinations for mining investments in the world.

“After obtaining its best score in this field since 2013, according to the ranking of the Fraser Institute 2017, which determines which countries attract the most to the investors of this economic activity”, said El Peruano, Peru is considered now one of the most attractive countries to this type of investment.

According to the survey conducted by the Canadian Think Tank Fraser Institute, Peru is the 19th most attractive destination for mining investment in the world.

This is its best position since the 2013 edition and represents a significant leap in relation to the 28th position obtained in 2016”, explained El Peruano.

The new position achieved by Peru makes it the second most attractive country for mining investments in Latin America, ratifying its “supremacy” against Mexico (44), Colombia (64), Brazil (65), Ecuador (70), Venezuela (85) and Bolivia (86), according to information from V, cited by El Peruano.

Currently, the Government has 15 investment projects, such as the Michiquillay copper mining project, awarded last week to the Southern Copper Corp company.

“In a couple of weeks an international public tender will be held to award the mining projects of Colca and Jalaoca, located in the Apurímac region”, El Peruano informed.

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