Peru Gives Out Pills For HIV Prevention


Peru has become the third Latin American country, after Mexico and Brazil, to deliver a pill that serves to prevent HIV infection in up to 90% of cases.

This is possible thanks to a program of the United Nations (UN) and a public-private initiative, according to information from RCN Radio.

“The project has been implemented by the interdisciplinary research center on Sexuality, AIDS and Society of the Cayetano Heredia University, in Lima, and the joint United Nations program on HIV (UNAIDS) as part of the strategy to prevent this disease among the vulnerable populations of Peru”, the aforementioned media reported.

The coordinator of the project, the epidemiologist Kelika Konda, highlighted that Peru is one of the first countries in Latin America with Brazil and Mexico to incorporate PrEP (Pre-exposure Prophylaxis) into the public health system.

PrEP is a method implemented in 39 countries around the world, especially in medium economies, and where there is a higher rate of people infected with HIV. It consists of taking a pill every day that contains two antiretroviral drugs (Tenofovir / Emtricitabine), which reduce the risk of infection by 90%.

In Peru, there are around 70,000 people infected with HIV, according to official figures, and PrEP seeks to control and reduce that figure by working with vulnerable populations and those that are more exposed to an eventual contagion.

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